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Dan Allender Ep 26 – Healing the Wounded Heart
Jenny Rae Armstrong Ep 54 – Don’t Hide Your Light Under a Laundry Basket
Rob Bell Ep 84 – What Is The Bible? (with guest co-host John Lustrea)
Tracey Bianchi Ep 47 – True You – Overcoming self-doubt and finding your voice
Beth Booram Ep 1 – Starting Something New
Sharon Garlough Brown Ep 6 – Two Steps Forward
Dale Hanson Bourke Ep 70 – Immigration: Tough Questions, Direct Answers
Mark Buchanan Ep 16 – On Justice and Reconciliation
John Burke Ep 21 – An Unexpected Look at Heaven
Jill Buteyn Ep 17 – How to Walk Through Suffering
Suanne Camfield Ep 73 – The Sound of a Million Dreams
Steven Curtis Chapman Ep 71 – Between Heaven & the Real World
Michael Cieslak Ep 46 – Anita and Michael discuss church and culture
Ian Morgan Cron Ep 53 – The Road Back to You (with Suzanne Stabile) – discussing the Enneagram personality profile
Janet Davis Ep 23 – Tiny Giant Choices
Dr. Jennifer Degler Ep 7 – Keys to Resolving Conflict
Esther Emery Ep 63 – What Falls from the Skydisconnecting from the internet for a year
Peter Enns Ep 30 – The Sin of Certainty
Kathy Escobar Ep 37 – Faith Shifting
Ruth Everhart Ep 48 – RuinedExperiencing trauma or loss
Chris Fabry Ep 43 – The Promise of Jesse Woods
Jessica Leep Fick Ep 13 – Beautiful Feet
Leslie Leyland Fields Ep 72 – Crossing the Waters
Makoto Fujimura Ep 58 – Silence and Beauty
Marilyn Gardner Ep 24 – Refugees, Fear, and Politics
Brenda Garrison Ep 50 – Love No Matter What
Jennifer Grant
Lisa Sharon Harper Ep 41 – The Very Good Gospel: how everything wrong can be made right
The Gray Havens Ep 35 – The Gray Havens discuss their latest album, ‘Ghost of a King’
Michael Hidalgo Ep 5 – Changing Faith
Daniel Hill Ep 96 – White Awake
Alison Hodgson Ep 36 – The Pug List
Trevor Hudson Ep 86 – Beyond Loneliness: The Gift of God’s Friendship
Carolyn Custis James Ep 62 – Malestrom
Josh Larsen Ep 91 – Movies Are Prayers
Erin Loechner Ep 76 – Chasing Slow
John Lustrea
Gillian Marchenko Ep 31 – Living Fully with Depression
Father James Martin Ep 79 – Seven Last Words
Brian McClaren Ep 56 – The Great Spiritual Migration
Kate McCord Ep 10 – Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places
Mike McHargue Ep 77 – Finding God in the Waves
Sarah McLean Ep 3 – Pink Is the New Black
Carol Howard Merritt Ep 85 – Healing Spiritual Wounds
Elisa Morgan Ep 11 – Seeing Yourself As God Sees You
Mike Murphy
Lori Neff
Shauna Niequist Ep 49 – Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living
Nancy Ortberg Ep 2 – Seeing in the Dark
Tara Owens Ep 69 – Embracing the Body
Christine Valters Paintner Ep 89 – The Soul of a Pilgrim
Katherine Willis Pershey Ep 52 – Very Married
Andrew Peterson Ep 12 – The Burning Edge of Dawn
Caryn Rivadeneira Ep 93 – Writing (for children) (with Jennifer Grant)
Natasha Robinson Ep 22 – Mentoring…for Life!
Dimas Salaberrios Ep 9 – The True Story of Dimas Salaberrios
Mark Scandrette Ep 59 – Belonging and Becoming
Peter Scazzero Ep 88 – Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
Melinda Schmidt
Steve Siler Ep 33 – Music for the Soul
Jan Silvious Ep 38 – Courage for the Unknown Season: Navigating the Inevitable Changes of Life
Beth Slevcove Ep 28 – Broken Hallelujahs
Ann Spangler Ep 4 – Wicked Women of the Bible
Suzanne Stabile Ep 53 – The Road Back to You (with Ian Morgan Cron) – discussing the Enneagram personality profile
Erin Straza Ep 75 – Comfort Detox
Sharon Swing Ep 87 – Listen to My Life – life maps for recognizing and responding to God in your journey
Renee Swope Ep 66 – Craving Connectionour need for deeper relationships
Michael Tenbusch Ep 60 – The Jonathan Effectthe battle against poverty
Dave Trout Ep 40 – Dave Trout on Music
Casey Tygrett Ep 100 – Becoming Curious
Nicole Unice Ep 18 – Being Brave Enough
Michelle Van Loon
Leslie Verner Ep 81 – 31 Days of #WOKE
Leslie Vernick Ep 64 – The Emotionally Destructive Marriage
Tish Harrison Warren Ep 65 – Liturgy of the Ordinary
Wes Williams
Addie Zierman Ep 29 – Faith in the Dark