Lori Neff & Anita Lustrea-episode 134

I am delighted to have Lori Neff back on Faith Conversations this week. We are rolling out a book club. Both Lori and I have had numerous people email and ask if we would consider starting the book club up again. Dr. Rosalie de Rosset, our previous book club leader, is too busy currently. So we thought we’d tackle it ourselves.


The first book we are going to read is When Mockingbirds Sing by Billy Coffey. The first person to email me and agree to either be on the podcast discussion of the book OR write out thoughts about the book for us to read will get a copy of the book mailed to them. Email me at producer@anitalustrea.com and make sure to include your mailing address.

As I talked with Lori she also mentioned a book she is reading currently, Scenes From a Village Life by Amos Oz.

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