Suzanne Stabile-episode 141

Suzanne Stabile is an internationally recognized Enneagram master teacher. I’ve been greatly anticipating her follow-up book to The Road Back to You for a while now. The Path Between Us is more than I’d hoped for as it talks about an Enneagram journey to healthy relationships.

I love talking about the Enneagram, but even I wondered what more we could say on the podcast. With master teacher Suzanne Stabile, I should have put those thoughts to rest. We went a number of different directions and what transpired was a quality conversation on this week’s podcast. I hope you not only listen, but share it with a friend or two. Also, I keep forgetting to ask if you would be so kind as to leave a review on iTunes about Faith Conversations. That would help me out a whole lot!

We talked about Life in the Trinity Ministries that Suzanne …Read More

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