Mike’s Rumblings 07-12-24

This is an audio version of Mike Murphy‘s Friday rumblings. This is a regular post on Facebook that I’ve turned into a podcast. I decided Mike’s words needed a wider audience. You may agree or disagree with what he says, but there is certainly much food for thought contained here. You can friend Mike on Facebook for the printed version or read it below.

Rumblings. 7.12.24.

1. “In Matthew 9 Jesus told Matthew to “Follow me.” 

And then we hear that Matthew “got up and followed him.” The verb used here in the Greek is the same verb used to describe the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead: Matthew rose. 

Conversion means a transition into a higher life, arising from a preoccupation with the goods of the world and a reorientation to the things of God… The  call of Jesus is meant to get into your mind, and then …Read More

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