Mike Murphy & John Lustrea-episode 237

Mike Murphy and John Lustrea join me on the podcast this week to talk through Mike’s Rumblings from 07-31-20. John never thinks I ask good enough follow-up questions so I asked him to join us and have a go! We talked about Peter Greig’s book God on Mute as well as Heather Cox Richardson’s daily blog you can sign up for. John mentioned a new favorite podcast of his from NPR called Throughline.


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Mike’s Rumblings 07-31-20
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Rumblings. 7.31.20

1.Me: Do you think I’m made in the image and likeness of God?

Anita: Technically yes, but right now you’re more like an unfinished sculpture, a little rough around the edges.

Me: So, you’re saying “I have flaws?”

Anita: Everyone does.

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