Mike Murphy-episode 103

Mike Murphy joins me and we spend time responding to emails, largely about the last two podcasts, so you might want to listen to episode 101 with Melinda Schmidt and Lori Neff, as well as last week’s episode 102 with Mike Murphy and John Lustrea. We talk about friendship and other things a bit more controversial. Grateful for emails that keep flowing in. The email address is faithconvo@gmail.com.

Here are links to a variety of books and movies talked about on the podcast this week.


Hidden Figures
The Great Debaters
Lee Daniels’ The Butler
The Help

Television Series on PBS:

Many Rivers to Cross


Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin
Letters from a Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King, Jr. (pdf)
Michael Emerson’s book, Divided by Faith
Daniel Hill’s…Read More

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Mike Murphy & John Lustrea-episode 102

Mike, John, and Anita at John’s wedding this past summer

On this episode of Faith Conversations, I’m joined by Mike Murphy and John Lustrea. It has been a full couple of weeks in the news, and we take some time to talk about some of the news stories that have occupied a lot of headlines lately.

We begin by talking about the NFL protests, also known as taking a knee during the National Anthem. We focus some of our conversation on Puerto Rico and the devastation from Hurricane Maria. And we wrap up our time talking about the horrors of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

How are we to respond as followers Christ? Hopefully this podcast will help answer that question.


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Casey Tygrett-episode 100

Casey Tygrett joins me on the podcast. We focus on a topic near and dear to my heart, Becoming Curious. It just happens to be the name of his book which is subtitled a spiritual practice of asking questions. Casey is the teaching pastor at Heartland Community Church in Rockford, Ill. He is also a spiritual director and an adjunct seminary professor at Lincoln Christian University and Seminary.

Casey also mentions Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings blog.

You can follow him on Twitter @cktygrett.

Also mentioned was the book A Roomful of Questions by Tracy Gallup.

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Mike Murphy-episode 99

Hurricane Irma came and went. The aftermath includes what happened before during and after. What does prayer look like in the middle of crisis and in the middle of our everyday lives?

Mike Murphy joins me to talk about our thoughts, our emotions, and our spiritual lives in the middle of the struggles we encounter.



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John Lustrea-episode 98

John Lustrea joins me on the podcast this week. John is the blog editor and website manager at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. We talk about weddings, marriage, and favorite podcasts. And John introduces us to a new spiritual practice which we demonstrate on the podcast. It is called Florilegium. And John was introduced to it by one of his favorite podcasts, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.



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Melinda Schmidt-episode 97

Melinda joins me once again. If you missed it, she has started a blog. I think she is a wonderful writer and definitely has interesting things to say. The blog is called The Reinvention Experiment. Check it out!

We delve into a variety of topics and, of course laugh, and maybe border on tears as well.

If you haven’t already friended both Melinda and me on Facebook: here’s Melinda and here’s mine.

You can also follow us on Twitter @melindaschmidt and @anitalustrea.

And Like the Friends of Midday Facebook page where we post interesting articles and book giveaways as well.

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Daniel Hill-episode 96

Daniel Hill is the founding pastor of River City Community Church in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago. It is a vibrant, multi-ethnic church. With his new book White Awake, he takes an honest look at what it means to be white. Daniel has wrestled with issues of race and justice and decided to lean in even when things become uncomfortable.

In light of what is going on in our country, this is the right time to be talking with Daniel Hill. Daniel mentions the book Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson and also the Equal Justice Initiative.

Follow him on Twitter @danielhill1336.


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michelle van loon-episode 95

Michelle Van Loon joined me again on the podcast. This time we talk about The Perennial Gen, a new blog for middle-aged and older adults. We also talk about God’s discipleship program for us which often involves suffering and hardship. We point to a recent blog post of Michelle’s where she references Job meets George Bailey and the classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

Check out Michelle’s two books, Moments and Days and If Only.

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Melinda Schmidt-episode 94

It’s great to have Melinda Schmidt back on the podcast. On this week’s episode I read emails from podcast listeners. We get real. I give out info on how to donate to the podcast. If you missed it, you can either give via PayPal or mail a check. For PayPal, use the email address: producer@anitalustrea.com. If you are mailing a check, send it to 8 White Oak Terrace, Sarasota, FL 34237.

Melinda is in the process of launching her blog. Find her here: www.reinventionexperiment.com

And, shoot me an email and let me know what you thought about our conversation this week. Email me at faithconvo@gmail.com.

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