Every woman has a secret fear of being diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s a diagnosis maybe like none other. One that strikes at the very heart of a woman’s sexuality. That’s what makes it such a scary thought. Yet one in eight women over the course of her lifetime will be diagnosed.

Since I was associated for nearly 16 years with a program focusing primarily on women, when October rolls around each year, I’m doing more than just buying Halloween candy. My thoughts turn toward my Aunt Barbara who lost her life to breast cancer.  I think about my friends, Joyce, Katie, and Sandy, who are all breast cancer survivors. Even though they are survivors, they still carry the scars, both physical and emotional of the dreaded disease. And they carry the question with them always, will the disease come back? For my friend Sandy the answer was yes.

No matter how many friends sign up to bring meals, or to go with you to your chemo treatments, the reality is that you are the one battling, doing the hard work of fighting for your life. What is the invitation from God to you in the midst of this harrowing journey? To trust, likely. To expand your view of who God is, very possibly. To decide to alter the way you’ve lived life in the past, undoubtedly. 

Whenever a life threatening situation presents itself we have choices to make. Some choices are obvious. Get help and fight for the best outcome. Some choices are much more subtle. Will I continue with business as usual, or will I lean into Christ in a way I’ve never done in the past. In a way I’ve never had to in the past.  And there is the choice to believe, to truly believe what you’ve read and said about God all the years leading to this point is really true. Is God who he really said he is, and can I trust him with my life?

Sure I’m talking about Breast cancer on the podcast this week, but really, the deeper questions we encounter are the same that occur with any crisis. It might be a financial downturn for you, or maybe a prodigal child that you’ve almost given up on. Maybe it’s an unbelieving spouse, or an addiction that you can’t seem to beat. God is either who he says he is, or this business of Christianity is a total sham. Maybe the encouragement you need right now is to read Pink is the New BlackMaybe you need to sit in silence and listen for that quiet voice of the Holy Spirit assuring you of his presence in this hard place in which you find yourself. When crisis comes, we are often quick to run and keep running and never quiet down enough for that quiet conversation. Take the time to hear, really hear, God’s voice. You will be comforted!

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