When there is a new beginning, it usually means there is an ending. Sometimes a necessary ending as Henry Cloud says in a book he devoted entirely to the subject. Sometimes it’s an unwanted ending. Either way, the opportunity for a new beginning looms. What would I do after spending 31 years at one address in Chicago with Moody Radio? The last thing I wanted to do was keep talking. I assumed I was done with radio and anything remotely similar. When Carolyn Custis James asked me, “What are you going to do next? We need your voice. What about a podcast?” I said, “No way. I’m done!”

I slept on that response for weeks when finally the niggling question surfaced, “Are you done?” I tried to silence that question but God has a funny way of persisting. I knew I didn’t want to be tied again to a specific time of day release like live radio necessitates. So the podcast option raised its head again. Then I realized I would need a new computer, storage space enough for audio files. Oh yeah, gotta have a microphone. More than one if you want anyone else to talk. And the list goes on. Several thousand dollars later my frugal husband said, “I think you should do it. More importantly, if God is nudging you, I know you should.” And here I am at week two of the podcast Faith Conversations.

Some of you might notice a row of icons at the bottom of the home page. The first one is Patreon, a place where you can choose the value of a podcast. Anywhere from .25 on up. The podcast is completely free, but if you choose to support my efforts, you can feel free to do it through the Patreon icon.

I’m already getting encouraging emails. And a few questions have also surfaced. Let me take some time to answer.


  1. How do I email you? On the top and bottom of each page here on the website is a contactlink.
  2. How do I suggest a topic or guest? Email me. See answer to question 1 for how.
  3. How long is the podcast? Each one varies in length, but I’m shooting for a 25-30 minutepodcast. Seems to feel right to me!
  4. Will your husband, Mike, join you periodically? Yes, maybe even more than periodically!
  5. Will you have group discussions and some good laughter like on the old Millrose Club? Yes,we’ll just have to call it something different.
  6. Finally, any confirmed upcoming guests? For sure! I’m excited to say you’ll be hearing fromElisa Morgan with a focus on seeing yourself as God sees you. Ann Spangler will be our Halloween week edition of the podcast looking at wicked women of the bible. If you’ve ever had doubts about your faith, Michael Hidalgo will address that on an upcoming podcast, and singer songwriter, Andrew Peterson will join as soon as we hear a few snippets from his brand new release The Burning Edge of Dawn. I can’t forget to mention Sharon Garlough Brown where we’ll get a peek into Two Steps Forward, the sequel to Sensible Shoes.
  7. The final question is, will you release more than one podcast per week? That’s the plan, but let me get up and running first! Hopefully after the first of the year…..maybe even sooner.
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