Mike’s Friday Rumblings – 08-12-22

This is an audio version of Mike Murphy‘s Friday rumblings. This is a regular post on Facebook that I’ve turned into a podcast. I decided Mike’s words needed a wider audience. You may agree or disagree with what he says, but there is certainly much food for thought contained here. You can friend Mike on Facebook for the printed version or read it below.

Rumblings. 8.12.22  

Rumble 1. “When setting out on a journey do not seek advice from those who have never left home.” ~ Rumi

We do it all the time. We seek the advice of those who aren’t in the know. I can never get rid of the image of a pillow manufacturer advising the White House on COVID strategies while real scientists were given the cold shoulder. Things like that happened a lot back then. Let’s not make the mistake of allowing it to happen again. 

2. When…Read More

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