I’ve decided to post my husband Mike’s weekly top 10 that he posts on Facebook. I’ve always found this a thoughtful list. I think you will to.

In my head

1. Yesterday, I sat across from two young men. I’m guessing they were 18. Both Muslim. Both Syrians. Both refugees. One endured the ugly civil war for a year. The other until just recently. One is anxiously waiting for his mother and siblings to escape Syria. But where will they go? Will the USA even be an option? Will he ever see them again? If you could have seen the look in their eyes …worried for loved ones, afraid of the venom of the anti-immigration crusaders, fearing even for their own safety…When you look into the eyes of the ‘other’ you begin to realize that Mother Theresa is right …”Jesus appears in the most distressing of disguises.” My whole being is disturbed. Lord have mercy.

2. Why do I think that the alleged ‘problems with the vetting process for immigration’ is just an excuse to say no but look good saying it?

3. Quiz. The hero in the story of the Good Samaritan is:
A. The priest
B. The temple assistant
C. The Good Samaritan.

And the answer is …

4. I’m heading for a tour of a mosque tomorrow and a Q and A session with its leaders. I’m eager to sense God’s stirrings in my heart as a result of that.

5. Events of the past week caused me to ask ‘in what and who’ do I put my faith and trust in. It’s not an easy answer.

6. Anyone else want to live bravely and courageously? I’m committing myself to a process of spiritual transformation. Ruth Haley Barton has a beautiful definition of what that’s all about. “Spiritual transformation is the process by which Christ is formed in us ‚Ķfor the glory of God, for the abundance of our own lives, and for the sake of others.” That process can only happen when we choose to live with open arms, open mind and open heart. I’m praying that my arms, heart, and mind remain open to the possibilities presented to me. Kick me if I start to close down.

7. Still thanking God for the opportunity to attend the CCDA conference last week in Memphis. 3,000 folks, great diversity, loads of compassion, willing to tackle the tough issues, great laughter, soulful worship, challenging speakers. Still don’t think I’ve tasted the best of Memphis BBQ yet. Gotta keep trying, huh?

8. Somewhere I read last week that awhile back people were chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’. A whole lot of folks didn’t like that slogan and they tried to change the narrative to ‘All Lives Matter’. Now, with the Syrians at our doorstep many are trying to change the narrative again to ‘Only Our Lives Matter’. Crisis reveals our true hearts and motivations.

9. While at CCDA I still remember the response to the recent terrorist actions in Paris, Lebanon, and Kenya. Tears. Mourning. Lament. Prayer. Concern. There was no political posturing. No finger pointing. Nope. Just the basics. Perhaps if we cried more, mourned more, lamented well, prayed tenderly, and showed deep concern and compassion our hearts would heal and God might use us in deeper ways. Just a crazy thought I know

10. I’d rather die in the midst of an act of compassion than live withholding love and concern.

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