Thirty years is a long time. It’s how long I’ve worked at Moody Radio. I thought I’d be there until I walked off into the sunset, but God had other plans. So I’m embarking into something new. I’m launching a podcast. Sounds simple enough, right? Not so much. “You say I’ll need a new website where I can include streaming audio and a link to iTunes? What do you mean I need a MacBook Pro? I have to learn to maintain my own website? Microphones and a mixer, and how much did you say it would cost?

Thankfully well before the sticker shock set in I felt God nudge me toward this or I might have quickly shut the idea down and slid off the grid for a while. The next big question remained who should be the first guest? I thought and thought and struggled over this. I called a favorite publishing industry friend who said, “Beth Booram would be great. She’s just written Starting Something New.” Question settled!

I know I’m not the only person in transition who is starting a new thing. Beth’s message transcends circumstances and speaks to the heart. As Anita Lustrea Faith Conversations launches, I hope you’ll be encouraged by our conversation. Encouraged to step out and meet a neighbor, encouraged to apply for that job you’ve been interested in. Encouraged to take that class and learn a new skill.

As I start a new adventure I hope you’ll come along for the ride and also tell a friend about the podcast too. Let’s adventure together!

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