On September 30 I left Moody Radio after 31 1/2 years.  I’ve not talked about it much other than to state the fact. I guess saying I left isn’t exactly honest. I was let go along with my colleagues Melinda Schmidt, Lori Neff and Caryn Rivadeneira.  Some reading this already know the story because you’ve followed the blogs or Facebook posts of my friends. Having been at Moody that long, I had the option of choosing retirement, which benefitted me. I am not retired, however. I’m only 55 and still have much to contribute.

It’s interesting how such an experience shakes you. The questions that swirl and float to the surface are related to identity and, as Elisa Morgan calls it, “not-enough-ness.” I’ve started working at another organization since my Moody departure which has caused me to evaluate what has transpired in the emotional landscape of my life since the end of September. I’m one who mulls, ruminates, and ponders before settling on the real deal.  I’ve not landed yet, but I’m ready to start talking about it.

Where is the intersection of God at work and bad things happening? That is certainly one of the questions that surfaces in a hurry when a Christ follower encounters rigamarole they’re not expecting. What is the right response? Another questions I’ve been grappling with. How can one feel so torn over something seemingly senseless? The questions just keep coming. I’m going to try to address them in the context of my own part of this story.  And, I realize that each of us affected by the decision to end Midday Connection have their own part of the story.

As I talk about this over time, more questions will surface and, I believe, my answers will shift over time. I’m hoping that some of the themes that accompany loss will be transcendent as all of us walk through the waters of sadness and sorrow and loss more than once over the course of our lifetime.

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