Leslie Verner-episode 81

Leslie Verner is a writer. She blogs regularly about faith, family, social justice, and cross-cultural issues. We connected when I saw on Twitter that she had tagged my podcast, along with several others, as one that covers race conversations. I was honored to be mentioned on Leslie’s list.

So I was perusing the blogosphere in March and saw Leslie’s series of posts exploring whiteness and racial perspectives called 31 Days of #WOKE. She wrote every day for the entire month of March on this theme. You might not have time to read every post, but scan through and pick out a few that speak to you. It will be worth your time.

I promised several links during the podcast. Here they are!

Be the Bridge Facebook group
70+ Race Resources for White People
80+ MORE Race Resources for White People

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Melinda Schmidt-episode 80

Melinda Schmidt, my long time dear friend and co-host when I was in radio, made a trip to Sarasota! Lots of sightseeing and good food and fun happened! It was a treat to sit down with her and have microphones in front of us again! She turned the tables on me and interviewed me on the podcast, so a little different take than usual. You can find both of us on our respective Facebook pages, here and here.  You can also find us at the Friends of Midday Facebook page.  If you haven’t ‘liked’ that page, you might want to do so.

I will get her back on the podcast and interview her. I promise I’ll do it soon!

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James Martin-episode 79

This is Holy Week and I thought the perfect guest would be Father James Martin talking about his book Seven Last Words. This is the week we spend looking at the days Jesus spent between the triumphal entry into Jerusalem and His death on the cross. On this podcast we will focus on the last words that Jesus spoke while on the cross. James is a brilliant and engaging guest and besides being an author, he is editor at large of the Jesuit magazine America.

My favorite book of Father Martin’s, and one I hope to talk with him about in the future, is The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life.

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Michelle Van Loon, Mike Murphy-episode 78

Michelle Van Loon is a marvelous writer and speaker. She is always thoughtful and it was wonderful to have her join Mike and me in our Florida Room for a conversation. Michelle’s latest book is Moments and Days and it is worth the read. I talked with her on Faith Conversations around the time her book released. You can hear that conversation here. We spent most of our time talking about an article Michelle is researching. She was given an interesting assignment of keeping a fun journal. Check out the podcast to hear the fuller conversation.

Mike Murphy is my husband and joins me from time to time on the podcast. He is a pastor, retreat leader, speaker, spiritual director, and author. Check out one of his books here. Also, he writes and posts the Friday Rumblings. Here is the latest edition. Friend him on Facebook to see them w…Read More

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Mike McHargue-episode 77

Mike McHargue is a fascinating figure. He was born and raised Southern Baptist, but along the way stuff happened. Questions came. Doubts crept—well, actually—raced in. Marriage and children came and church involvement expanded to the role of Deacon. How do you live as a Southern Baptist Deacon and an atheist? Check out the podcast, and for the deeper story, read Mike’s book Finding God in the Waves.

If Mike McHargue is a new name to you, you’ll want to check out his podcasts. Ask Science Mike is one and The Liturgists Podcast is the other. They’ve both attracted a curious following of Christians and spiritually interested folks. If you can catch him speaking in your area, I highly recommend doing what you can to attend. Otherwise, besides Finding God in the Waves, you can find his writing in these places: Storyline blog,…Read More

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Erin Loechner-episode 76

Erin Loechner is a former HGTV.com personality and before the age of 30 had built a fan base of one million women worldwide through her blog Design for Mankind. She’d also earned the title “The Nicest Girl Online.” She had it all with more knocking on her door.

What happened next surprised everyone. She decided to trade it in for the slow life. Lots of reasons led to that decision, all of which she talks about in her book Chasing Slow. We focus on aspects of her journey on Faith Conversations in an engaging dialog that you won’t want to miss.

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Erin Straza-episode 75

Erin Straza is managing editor of Christ and Pop Culture Digital Magazine, host of Persuasion podcast, and author of Comfort Detox: Finding Freedom From Habits That Bind You. You might guess that she is a thoughtful woman with great outlets for her creativity and thought at her disposal. You’d be right. As we focused on her new book Comfort Detox, you’d also be right to say that she has had to fight with her own areas of life where she’s run for false instead of true comfort, just like the rest of us. Over the course of the podcast, Erin offered some really helpful thoughts on how we might detox and move closer to the true comfort God offers.

This is a great resource to work your way through during Lent. It might even be better to do in a small group setting—from 2 – 6 others I’m thinking—so you can talk through the end …Read More

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mike murphy-episode 74

My husband Mike Murphy joins me this week on Faith Conversations. We talk about a variety of things including Lent, important self-reflective questions, and lying.

Here is the Lenten devotional Mike and I subscribe to and are really enjoying. It is a product of Biola University and their Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts. We think it’s really well done.
At the Sarasota Seafood & Music Festival, January 2017
If you want to ‘friend’ Mike on Facebook so you can see his weekly Rumblings, the link is here.

Here is the list of reflective questions/statements Mike posed on this week’s podcast:

What are you living for?
In 10 words or less state your purpose in life.
What keeps you awake at night?
What passion in you are you afraid will be awakened?
Do you ever admit you’re not quite the person you’re wor…Read More

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Suanne Camfield-episode 73

Suanne Camfield had a dream, a God-given dream, that took years to come to fruition. Most of us have some kind of dream fermenting in us, but wonder if it will ever be realized. In her book The Sound of a Million Dreams, a memoir, she talks about what it feels like to have a dream stirring deep inside.

How do we develop the courage to step into the places of our most vulnerable longing and not just do the work of God, but become the person God most wants us to be?

Check out this week’s Faith Conversations to find out.

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Leslie Leyland Fields-episode 72

Leslie Leyland Fields is not only an award-winning author of ten books, but also a commercial fisherwoman for four decades working with her husband and six children in a salmon fishing operation on their won island off the coast of Kodiak Island, Alaska.

So when someone like Leslie writes about the storms that might come and looks at the gospel stories of the disciples with Jesus out on the Sea of Galilee, she just might know what she is talking about. In her book, Crossing the Waters, she writes about following Jesus through the storms, the fish, the doubt, and the seas. I won’t give it away, but she shares a life-threatening story on the podcast that brings us both to tears.

If you are in the middle of a stormy time, give Faith Conversations a listen this week!

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