Episode 47 Tracey Bianchi

Tracey Bianchi is, first and foremost, a¬†friend. She also happens to be one of the pastors at the church I attend. Since my husband is one of the pastors, too, to take the pressure off of him, I consider Tracey to be my pastor, and she is a great one. Not only is she a marvelous speaker, but I can talk about ANYTHING with her. You know, those topics you think are off limits with pastors, or that you’re afraid to bring up? I can say anything in front of Tracey with no judgement! So she is one of my favorite people!

On the podcast this week, we talk about what it looks like to overcome self-doubt and use your voice. Tracey, along with Adele Calhoun have penned the book True You, which is where we center our conversation.¬†Largely we are talking to women with this topic. Most men grow up knowing and speaking their voice. They usually…Read More

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