Mike McHargue-episode 77

Mike McHargue is a fascinating figure. He was born and raised Southern Baptist, but along the way stuff happened. Questions came. Doubts crept—well, actually—raced in. Marriage and children came and church involvement expanded to the role of Deacon. How do you live as a Southern Baptist Deacon and an atheist? Check out the podcast, and for the deeper story, read Mike’s book Finding God in the Waves.

If Mike McHargue is a new name to you, you’ll want to check out his podcasts. Ask Science Mike is one and The Liturgists Podcast is the other. They’ve both attracted a curious following of Christians and spiritually interested folks. If you can catch him speaking in your area, I highly recommend doing what you can to attend. Otherwise, besides Finding God in the Waves, you can find his writing in these places: Storyline blog,…Read More

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